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DRAGO10K MASSIVE AUDIO DRAGO 10K- 10,000W MAX, 5000W RMS @1ohm... Product #: D10K Regular price: $849.99 $849.99


Product Code: D10K

Price: $849.99

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The Drago 10k is the head honcho of the group measurements 23.2" x 9.4" x 2.3". This is the big bad wolf of the pack with a Max power output of 10,000 watts, RMS at 1 ohm is 5000 watts. This amp isn't for the faint at heart or your casual car audio fan. This is a basshead's wet dream and a neighbor's nightmare.

- 10,000W max. 5000W RMS @ 1ohm

- LPF @24dB Octave Slope
- 30Hz ~ 250Hz LPF Crossover
- 0 ~ 12dB Bass Boost
- 0 ~ 180Hz Phase Shift Control
- 10Hz ~ 60 Hz Subsonic Filter
- >90dB Signal to Noise Ratio
- DC 8.5V ~ 16V Operating Voltage
- Linkable to Double the Power output

- DIMENSIONS: 23.2L"x 9.4W"x 2.3H"

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