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Return Policy

All products are covered by12VolTronics.com warranty.

·         All products are fully covered by12VolTronics warranty, for the full period of time. stated on the item's description.

·         12VolTronics warranty fully covers any and all manufacturer's defects.

·         All defective products will be covered under warranty except the following:

·         Physical Damage

·         Water Damage

·         Abuse, Accident, Misuse or Faulty Installation (Repeated returns for the same damage may be considered abuse unless accompanied by a receipt from professional installer)

·         Burnt voice coils and/or Amplifier

·         Subwoofer enclosures (speaker boxes) are not coveredby12VolTronics.com warranty.

·         Customer is responsible for all shipping fees for defective items (Shipping the product to12VolTronics).

·         Customer is responsible for shipping fees to 12VolTronics and return shipping fees if the item is tested and found to be in working order and/or  if physically damaged has occoured.

·         The amount refunded will also have a deduction of shipping costs incurred by Seller when shipping items to Buyer, including items purchased with "FREE SHIPPING".

·         New items that are returned to12VolTronics are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

·         Used products that are not defective are not covered under 12VolTronicsreturn policy. All returned items are bench tested for defects.

All DOA must be reported to 12VolTronicsby email or phone within 48-hours after receivng the product.

12VolTronics suggests that all warranty cards be mailed to the manufacturer for any sort of extended warranty issues. Maunfacturer's warranty often excedes that of the retailer.