Alphasonik FLEX-R66

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Up for auction is Alphasonik’s 17′ 6-Channel RCA Cables. Want a strong signal between your amplifier and speakers? This is the auction for you!! Bid today, don’t delay!! As always, good luck and happy bidding!!!

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The Alphasonik Flex Edition 6 channel RCA cables are quickly rising in the ranks of becoming industry standard. RCA cables are the backbone of your audio system. They are used for transferring the audio signal from the amplifier to your device. Without a proper cable and good signal, you can have distortion, which would hold your system back from performing at its optimal capabilities. Don’t ever settle for cheap RCA’s because they will not provide a clean signal to your amplifiers. These Alphasonik RCA cables are multi-strand, 100% oxygen free copper, which establishes ultimate audio signal transfer for optimum sound clarity. Our nickel plated pressure grip split contact plugs maximize surface contact while minimizing unwanted distortion and prevents cables from disconnecting in case of vibrations. The Channel-Link ID assists in the proper RCA identification and connectivity using color code and numeric channel recognition at the RCA plugs. State of the art X-Radial Twist Wire Strand Geometry dramatically improves tonal balance that exhibits articulate natural sound and greater clarity with intense low end immersion. Our Element certified Hyper-Flex conductor and insulation permits a smooth and flexible cable run for the most ambitious of installations while providing total protection from harsh elements. This Element Certification consists of numerous rigorous testing performed in laboratory environment with state of the art equipment to ensure the product will withstand the most extreme conditions in every environment and under all elements such as heat, moisture, and others. Features: 6-Channel 17 Ft FLEX-Series RCA Hyper-Flex premium jacket X-Radial Twist Wire Strand Geometry with Hyper-Flex technology for better signal transfer Element Certified – will withstand the most extreme conditions in every environment under all elements such as heat, moisture, Etc.

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